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Royal arch installation ritual

He is now qualified to be initiated into the Royal Arch degree.

Holy Royal Arch

Here the Lodge takes Old Testament and New testament Scripture quotes and both misinterprets and misapplies them for its own mystical purposes. In doing so it makes a complete mockery of the inspired text of the Bible. The teaching of the Royal Arch is a blend of pagan oral tradition and biblical text. This results in a dangerous confusing religious mixture. Here, Masonry takes the holy name that God chooses to identify Himself with as the supreme self-sufficient, omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent God and recklessly use it to identify themselves.

For the Royal Arch degree to employ the name of Almighty God in such a blasphemous manner is an abomination before heaven.

royal arch installation ritual

The revival preacher Charles G. How must the humble disciple of Jesus feel when constrained thus to answer the question? Freemasonry is an actual religion It has its own god It has its own beliefs and practices Blasphemous Masonic titles.

It is now my privilege to communicate to you the original. It is given in this peculiar way. The Royal Arch Degree Chapter room then proceeds to take on the supposed appearance of the rebuilding of the second temple.

Such is done in order to impress the deep mystical teaching of this degree upon the initiate. He sees how this ecstatic condition and this new-made celestial body are the sublimated products of his former self and its temporal organism.

This is a false typology, a bogus use of symbolism. Like the Royal Black Institution, Freemasonry uses Babylon and Jerusalem as important symbols representing the journey of the initiate from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment.

Every experience along the way is intended to open his understanding to the intensity of this spiritual expedition. But what is noticeable in this illustration is the Christless nature of the trek. There is no repentance or faith involved.

There is no mention of grace — the undeserved favour of God to the guilty sinner. It is a ritualistic gospel of works that ends in a lost and darkened eternity. The three Royal Arch lecturers then form a human triangle. Each of them gripping the right wrist of his left-hand colleague and the left wrist of his right-hand colleague; thus forming two distinct triangles.

They all then form a triangle with their feet thus creating a triple triangle. The deep occult significance of this triplicate 3 x 3 symbolism will soon become more apparent as the initiation unfolds. So we three do agree, in peace, love and unity, the sacred word to search.

Until we three, or three such as we shall agree, this Royal Arch Chapter to close. This is given in low breath and is performed three times by three lecturers, each taking turns to pronounce a name each:. The Masonic Royal Arch here attempts to bundle the true God of the Bible — Jehovah — together with other false gods into a grand all-embracing figure who can be accepted by all.

This theology is known as syncrenism, i. In doing so, the divergent brethren unite together in common worship by prayers, salutations and hymns to this innocuous being. Masonry argues that this peculiar state of inter-faith harmony reveals the unique non-sectarian brotherly nature of the Lodge. Masonic authority, W. To the Christian brother it points to Him upon whose breast lay the beloved disciple. To the Buddhist it points to the Maitreja of the universal compasssion; and to the Moslem it points to the Prophet.

It also outlines the manner by which man must draw close to Him.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. This page contains useful Royal Arch Ritual resources. This includes workings that are able to be shared between Companions, thus making the process of learning the words and actively participating in the ceremonies much less daunting.

Please be assured that this is in no way an attempt to standardise the ritual. Although the workings that can be downloaded from this page may differ from those in your own Chapter, the principle of splitting the work can be read across to other Royal Arch rituals.

Alternative Exaltation Ritual Shared. Aldersgate Ritual Shared. Charge After Enlightenment. Installation Addresses. Opening Address. Valedictory Address. Revised Historical Lecture. Revised Symbolical Lecture.

Revised Mystical Lecture. Procedure for Principal Continuing for a Further 12 Months. Induction of Past Principal into the Chair of J.

Scripture Readings. Phonetic Guide to Pronunciation. Exaltation: Setting the Scene. Does your Chapter share the work?Ten selected papers first published on Heredom, The Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal.

This precious treasure, long concealed. Was by three worthy knights revealed. Where erst a temple stood. Its ancient ruins they explored. And found the Grand Mysterious Word. Made known before the flood. This article is based upon a general familiarity with some form of the Royal Arch ritual. It is not a study of the present-day "Royal Arch Word" nor of its symbolism; rather, it offers one possible source for the trilingual compound word associated with the triangle.

For the purposes of this article, irrespective of the rite in which it occurs, this is denominated the "Compound Word. The Ineffable and Sublime Tradition. Royal Arch Masonry occupies a unique and perhaps enviable position within the Masonic superstructure. Existing under a variety of forms it is present in several Masonic systems.

A version of the Royal Arch degree likely arose between and Although an investigation of the origins of the degree is beyond the scope of this work, it should be noted that all forms of the rituals likely derive from a common ancestor.

This name was regarded as so sacred that the ancient Jews would not pronounce it, but substituted the word adonai"Lord. Jurisdictional Variations. In spite of jurisdictional variations in the rituals, such as the dramatis personae and the alleged historical setting, the core of the ceremony the discovery of the name of God is the unifying underlying theme in all versions.

royal arch installation ritual

An Early Masonic Version of the Legend. According to the this version of this legend, Enoch sought revelation to learn the Almighty's true name, after which he beheld a triangular golden plate in a vision. Presently he seemed to be lowered perpendicularly into the earth through nine arches into a vault where he again beheld the same plate.

In commemoration of the vision he subsequently constructed a subterranean temple at the location of its manifestation, and duplicated the plate encrusting it with agate. The plate was set atop a marble pedestal and deposited in the ninth arch. Enoch was then commanded by God to place a stone door, in which a iron ring had been set, over the first arch to permit entry, and also to protect the treasure from the impending deluge.

Enoch also constructed two pillars, one of brass, the other of brick, and upon them inscribed the arts and sciences to preserve this knowledge for the world. The location and knowledge of Enoch's temple was lost following the flood.

King Solomon coincidentally selected the same site for his temple and upon beginning construction discovered the ruins and a variety of treasures. Fearing that the antediluvian structure had been dedicated to a "false god" Solomon changed the temple's planned location. King Solomon also constructed a secret vault beneath the Sanctum Sanctorum which was supported by a large pillar denominated the Pillar of Beauty as it was destined to support the Ark of the Covenant.

Some time later he sent three Craftsmen to search the ruins for more treasures, at which time they discovered the stone door with the iron ring. One of the three tied a rope about his waist and was thrice lowered into the vault when, upon penetrating the ninth arch, he beheld Enoch's gold plate which greatly astonished him.

After informing his companions of the discovery the three entered the vault by means of a rope ladder and retrieved the treasure which they presented to King Solomon who then created them Knights of the Royal Arch. Solomon informed them that in time they should be made acquainted with the true pronunciation of the Divine name, and permitted them to enter his secret vault where they encrusted the golden plate upon the Pillar of Beauty.

The name of the chamber was then changed from the secret to the sacred vault. Judaeo-Christian Sources and Possible Origins. A portion of Lee's version follows. When the foundations [of the Temple at Jerusalem] were a laying, as I have said, there was a stone among the rest, to which the bottom of the foundation was fastened, that slipt from its place, and discovered the mouth of a cave which had been cut in rock.

Then returning toward the mouth of it, found a book lying there wrapped up in a piece of thin and clean linnen.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. This paper covers the history of our Royal Arch ritual as opposed to the history of the Order itself. It takes as its main source, Bernard E. It can only be a brief summary of what has occupied many authors and has produced many books and articles but I hope that I can give you some idea of how we arrived at our present day ceremonies.

Royal Arch degree

The first part of the paper deals with the time up to c. We are on firmer ground in the late 18th century when a virtually complete manuscript ritual exists. After when Supreme Grand Chapter standardised the ritual we can be very confident as to what ritual was used as we still more or less use it today.

It is dated about and contains a collection of short synopses of the thirty-five degrees in use at that period. The section concerning the Royal Arch refers to an underground room supported by nine arches with nine steps leading down to it and opened and closed by nine knocks. This scenario will be familiar to members of another order. In a lecture on the tracing board which depicts the room, arches and steps, we are told of the nine brethren who were led by the true light, the sun, to discover great secrets.

Also depicted on the tracing board are a stone with a ring closing the chamber and a triangular plate of gold bearing the Sacred Name. The stone and ring suggest that the ritual was Irish in origin as that ritual, even today, has it as a feature. The ritual represents a date only 16 years after the first mention of the Royal Arch in and bears a close relationship to the ritual as it would be if the legend and lectures were removed.

The latter of these will be revisited when dealing with the late 18th century ritual and the revisions. For the moment it is only necessary to remark that, at that time, these were the first words on the scroll found by the Sojourners. These special nights which very often took place on a Sunday were a common custom in those days. The following nine are those from the list which relate directly to the Royal Arch plus comments as to what they may refer:.

To the Memory of him that first move his stones in the Dark A reference to the Sojourners opening the vault. There appears to be a link here with the Irish Royal Arch as there strong emphasis was placed on the Cord of Amity and the Cord of Love. In a letter written on Christmas day by the Rev. This suggests that, during the ceremony, the Candidate was seated in a particular chair and had a cord presented to him.

To the happy Messengers that carried the News to King Cyrus A strange allusion here, as today the news is carried by the Sojourners to King Zerubbabel. But it is possible that in those days the ceremony required the news to be related to Cyrus. The Royal Arch Word Implying that there was only one word then as now since the second one was removed in the revision. May the true beam of Intelligence Enlighten Ever Royal Arch Mason Referring to the rays of the sun which according to the tracing board mentioned above led the Sojourners to their discoveries.

As an aside, on 5th Januarythe Minerva Chapter No. This type of arch with removable stones is in use today in Sackville Chapter, No. The burning bush no longer figures in the English ritual but plays an important part in the Scottish ceremony of Passing the Veils.

There is in existence a small manuscript book of some 90 pages, 79 of which are filled with faded writing.A wide range of downloadable materials and links, to inform, educate, assist and support Companions in the enjoyment of Royal Arch Masonry. Data Protection Notice. Data Protection Policy. Certificate of Merit. Installation Schedule PDF. Installation Schedule Excel. Meeting Dates. The Chapter Officers. The Pedestal on your S. Who were Aholiab and Bezaleel? An Introduction to the Chapter Officers.

Early Royal Arch Regalia. Guide to R. Masons booklet. Masons printer friendly. Master Mason Pack. Illuminating the Pedestal. Returning our secrets. Ritual Amendments. Setting the Scene booklet. Setting the Scene printer friendly.One area which had not been looked at in was the ritual. In the s a number of Chapters in the Provinces had written in requesting guidance, which had not been forthcoming. Complaints were raised and in the Duke of Sussex set up a special Committee to decide what the Royal Arch ceremonies were and to demonstrate them to the Grand Chapter so that they could be approved and adopted by all Chapters.

The Committee duly deliberated and their work was approved by Grand Chapter. The aim of producing a standard ritual, however, was not achieved, as Grand Chapter would not allow the revised rituals for the exaltation and installation ceremonies to be printed.

royal arch installation ritual

A Chapter of Promulgation was chartered to give demonstrations in London, to which Chapters were invited to send representatives. The new system being passed on by word of mouth inevitably led to local differences in detail developing. Grand Chapter having settled the ritual in adopted the position that it still maintains: that matters of principle in the ritual are the concern of Grand Chapter but matters of detail are the concern of individual Chapters and the governing bodies which developed in the later 19th century to superintend the various workings that developed.

That attitude was clearly shown in the s and s when ritual again became a subject of discussion. In the s, it was a question of the sharing of the work between many Companions rather than overloading the Principals and Principal Sojourner. Grand Chapter suggested how the ceremony and Lectures might be split up but left the detail to Chapters to decide.

In the s, it was the physical penalty in the obligation, the Royal Arch word and the misinterpretation of Hebrew that came under discussion. Again, the major principle was decided by Grand Chapter, but the detail of how those elements were removed was left up to Chapters and the ritual working groups. The ritual was returned to again in The definition of "pure ancient Masonry" in and the revision of the ritual in had led to the Royal Arch being stated to be the completion of the Master Mason degree.

Over the years, this had led to an argument as to how this could be. The Master Mason degree was obviously complete in itself, as was the exaltation ceremony. Were those Master Masons who did not enter the Royal Arch in some way incomplete or inferior? In December the nettle was grasped in the United Grand Lodge when it was resolved to add the following statement to the definition of pure ancient Masonry, which had been the preamble to the rules in the Book of Constitutions since At the same time, a Ritual Committee had been set up to look at the effect of the addition to the definition on the Royal Arch ritual and to consider the Principal's Lectures.

The Committee recommended the dropping of 27 words from the exaltation ceremony, the dropping of the Installed Master's qualification for the Third Principal's Chair and recommended revise texts of the Principal's Lectures. These were demonstrated to the Grand Chapter in November and adopted. The dropping of the 27 words and the Installed Master's qualification became mandatory but the new Lectures were optional, each Chapter having the right to choose either to stay with the old texts or adopt the new or use a mixture of both.

Back Why Join Royal Arch? How to Join Royal Arch. Grand Chapter and the ritual. In December the nettle was grasped in the United Grand Lodge when it was resolved to add the following statement to the definition of pure ancient Masonry, which had been the preamble to the rules in the Book of Constitutions since "At the Quarterly Communication of 10 December the United Grand Lodge of England acknowledged and pronounced the status of the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch to be 'an extension to, but neither a superior nor a subordinate part of, the Degrees which precede it'.It has two essential differences however.

The first difference lies in the use of the word "Improvement" in the title rather than Chapter of Instruction. This indicates its position as a leading teaching authority. It is a Chapter of demonstration which all Royal Arch Companions are able to attend and to see demonstrations of the Exaltation and Installation ceremonies.

At our meetings the Preceptors will correct mistakes so that the ceremony should be a demonstration of a word or letter perfect ceremony. The second difference lies in our custodianship of the Aldersgate Ritual. The Chapter of Improvement was formed in and is governed by a Committee. Thus no individual Preceptor can make changes and the Committee does not alter the ritual unless told to do so by Supreme Grand Chapter.

It is this very immutability of the Ritual which is vital. The basic premise is that the Ritual is fixed and must NOT be altered. In the Committee decided to present an Award to those Companions who succeeded in giving a perfect rendering of the ritual, thereby taking a leaf from the book of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, where the silver matchbox has become world famous.

The award takes the form of a presentation copy of the Aldersgate Ritual, bearing the recipient's name in gold lettering on the cover.

The Ritual of the Royal Arch

To secure the award a Companion must discharge the duties of Principal Sojourner, Joshua, Haggai, and Zerubbabel without need of prompt or correction by the Preceptors. These need not be achieved in this order. When a Companion completes the office perfectly he is awarded what we call a "scratch" for that office and when he has all four he is awarded the gold blocked ritual book.

You will not be surprised to know that it is usually Z which is completed last! The Award is only in respect of the Exaltation and does not involve the Installation ceremonies.

Once someone has attended a few times and knows how we operate he can take office as PS, J.

Rite II - Part Three, Initiation Ritual

The other offices can also be filled by any Companions attending as long as they feel able to do the office to an acceptable standard. That no Companion shall be eligible to occupy any Office unless he is fully acquainted with the method of working the Office to which he is appointed agreeably to the recognised system of the Chapter.

Our President usually acts as Preceptor although there is a team of Preceptors; all are Record holders. To use the language of one of my predecessors as Scribe E. The award is no mere trophy, but rather the outward token of a Companion's desire to master the beautiful ritual of the Royal Arch as perfectly as possible, because only as a result of such mastery can it be rendered with that reverent and impressive solemnity which it demands.

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